'68 Beetle

What a find. I came across this ‘68 Beetle while on a Saturday morning photowalk. For some reason though, I opted to shoot it using only my iPhone as I’ve grown quite fond of the Instagram app and its ability to make great photos with the range of filters it provides. Well, fate would have it that once I posted the result on Facebook I’d have a client requesting a print of the old car. I decided to return the following afternoon to reshoot it but it had a car parked right in front of it - recreating the original shot would be impossible. Not to be trumped I took a look at the rear of the car from a low POV and decided this was the better shot - especially considering the perspective, fall off and leaves surrouding the vehicle. Using an ultrawide lens and adding a slight touch of cross-processed tones in post-production I have to say I am very pleased with the result.

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