Rt. 54

I’ve always had a fascination with cars - especially those from Germany. I love BMWs and anything that has to do with them. My good friend recently got his hands on an ‘01 Z3 3.0i. I figured this car would provide me a proper shooting platform as I had a specific shot in mind that would offer a great landscape and a sense of speed. Armed with my backup rig and an extremely heavy Manfrotto tripod I set my plan into action. I was able to extend and secure two of the tripod’s legs behind the seats and the third as an anchor against the rear trunklid. Even at speeds above 60mph it proved to be quite stable. Sprinkle in the twists and turns of Rt. 54 on top of a perfect sky - I was able to nail my shot. The Nikon was fired using a wireless trigger. Good friends. Good cars. Good shooting.

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