DSC_5468_.jpgI have always been a visual person dating back to my days as a toddler when I would draw on my grandparent’s walls with anything that would leave a mark. My passion for photography began at the early age of 8 when I was introduced to my uncle’s Pentax K1000. I was fascinated with the mechanics of the camera and the weight of it in my hand. After a few classes in high school and college it was decided, however, that I would take my career towards graphic design and art direction.

After a 20-year stint in advertising I have shifted my focus back to photography full-time. It has saved me - both personally and professionally. I am a huge advocate of visual impact and not a day goes by that I am not thinking about what I will shoot next. I am blessed with a wonderful family and live in a city steeped in history and scenic beauty. I love shooting wide angle landscapes and am intrigued by weather.

I love sharing my work with those who appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by.