Farmageddon - Ashland, VA

It’s been awhile since my last posting and even longer since I’ve had an opportunity to get out and photograph an approaching storm. This was shot on the evening of May 11, 2013 in Hanover County, right outside of Ashland. I’ve always wanted to set up for a storm shot in this location as I’m quite fond of the wide vista and inviting dirt road that adds a unique element to the scene. Hopefully there will be many more opportunites this year for some even bigger weather captures.

Ashland Backroad Barnstorming

I haven’t posted here in quite some time. Perhaps it’s due to lack of motivation or lost desire to take photos. Besides my family - three other things that make me happy are cars, driving and photography. I’ve combined those interests and wish to create a set of images that bring them all together. Here I am once again hanging my D300s + 12-24 f/4 ultra-wide out the window to really allow the viewer to get a sense of speed and perspective from an unusual angle. 2004 BMW E46 325i. 60mph. Hand held in Hanover County. Don’t try this at home kids.

Powhatan Abandonment

What a find! I was recently introduced to this fantastic old house by a colleague who knows how much I love photographing abandonment. Such a great location complimented with tall trees and vines that literally wrap the house – adding to the already existing sinister mood and haunting allure. I’m doing some research to find the history of the property - when it was built and who owned it, etc. I always strive to get as much information as possible on these types of properties as it makes the shot much more meaningful as well as allowing me to tell the story behind the image should a client be interested in a print. 

Cedar Lane Landscape

Most photographers have that one place they could photograph over and over. Never growing tired of the scene. A place that offers a visual dynamic that needs to be seen with the eye to be appreciated. Many of these spots come to mind but one in particular has really caught my eye and inspires me every time I drive past it on the way home. The intersection of Ashland Road and Cedar Lane is a place most people would pass and not even notice. The wide vista, subtle rolling hills and twisty roads offer so much. I’ve shot it many times with my iPhone and felt it was only necessary to shoot it with the DSLR. Perfect skies combined with great light and slight polarization made me appreciate this scene that much more.

The Crossing at Cedar Lane

Like I’ve stated before - I love trains and anything that has to do with them. Living in an area with close proximity to traintracks awards me many different photo opportunities. One of my favorite shots is of the empty tracks that cross Cedar Lane. There is something magical in looking either direction (East or West) and viewing the leading lines that vanish into the horizon. The perspectives created by these scenes continue to amaze me.

A House in Hanover

We recently moved to a new development out in Hanover County. Once you step outside of the neighborhood it becomes quite rural, baren and quiet. An occasional whistle of a passing train reminds me that the city and suburbs are not far away. I love the tranquility of the countryside. I can see clearly into the night sky and gaze at the millions of stars that are not obstructed by the light pollution from the city. The best part of living out here though - the fact that I can find treasures such as this house and capture a photo that I know will be mine and mine alone.

Rt. 54

I’ve always had a fascination with cars - especially those from Germany. I love BMWs and anything that has to do with them. My good friend recently got his hands on an ‘01 Z3 3.0i. I figured this car would provide me a proper shooting platform as I had a specific shot in mind that would offer a great landscape and a sense of speed. Armed with my backup rig and an extremely heavy Manfrotto tripod I set my plan into action. I was able to extend and secure two of the tripod’s legs behind the seats and the third as an anchor against the rear trunklid. Even at speeds above 60mph it proved to be quite stable. Sprinkle in the twists and turns of Rt. 54 on top of a perfect sky - I was able to nail my shot. The Nikon was fired using a wireless trigger. Good friends. Good cars. Good shooting.

'68 Beetle

What a find. I came across this ‘68 Beetle while on a Saturday morning photowalk. For some reason though, I opted to shoot it using only my iPhone as I’ve grown quite fond of the Instagram app and its ability to make great photos with the range of filters it provides. Well, fate would have it that once I posted the result on Facebook I’d have a client requesting a print of the old car. I decided to return the following afternoon to reshoot it but it had a car parked right in front of it - recreating the original shot would be impossible. Not to be trumped I took a look at the rear of the car from a low POV and decided this was the better shot - especially considering the perspective, fall off and leaves surrouding the vehicle. Using an ultrawide lens and adding a slight touch of cross-processed tones in post-production I have to say I am very pleased with the result.

RVA Twilight

Went ultra-wide with this capture of Richmond’s skyline. This POV provides one of the best views of the city and, when coupled with colorful skies like this, well it makes for a stunning scene.

Pre-storm backlight

I never leave home without my cameras as I’m always looking for a something that provides visual stimulation wherever I may be going - I’m always looking for a shot. It’s times like these when I’m glad the Nikons were within arm’s reach. While stuck in heavy congestion at the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel the sun broke though the clouds and presented us with this beautiful, dynamic scene. I only had time to fire this one shot and I worried that I had underexposed the shot as I was hoping to really pull the detail out of the clouds. What you see here is just as it came out of the camera. No photoshop. No tricks. No post-processing effects. In my opinion, beautiful light like this should remain unscathed and unedited.