The 3rd of July

A quick trip to the floodwall proved fruitful after escaping the traffic from last night’s fireworks display on Brown’s Island. I was unable to get any decent shots of the fireworks as my POV was hindered by a row of port o’ johns and flood lights. Knowing how disappointed I was, my wife suggested we drive by the floodwall to intercept this fast moving storm. I credit her for allowing me to capture this shot of the awesome lightning exploding over Richmond’s skyline.

Parting Ways

It’s hard for me to believe that my client is selling his prized (and fully restored) 1962 Austin Healey 3000 MKII. I was proud of the fact that he requested that I be the one to photograph this beautiful machine prior to the sale. I can only hope that whoever takes delivery of this antique pays close attention to the pampering it received and care for it just as much, if not more.

Route 66

While on the way to a location shoot in northwest Va I couldn’t help but stick the Nikon out of the sunroof to pop a quick shot of the twisty road and rolling hillsides of Rt. 66. I’m definitely going back to visit this area as there were so many gorgeous landscapes that offered interesting subject matter - everything from barns to equine. You didn’t have to look hard here as there were shots to be found in every direction. And if you hit it at the right time the light can be breathtaking.

A Sandbridge Pierspective

Could not resist going to one of my favorite places over Memorial Day Weekend. The pier at the south end of Sandbridge offers magnificent views of the ocean and horizon. I enjoyed playing with a long exposure coupled with a 4-stop ND filter. The effects can be breathtaking. These were shot between 5:30 and 5:45 AM and the sun had yet to break the horizon.

Negative Space

Spent Sunday morning shooting the last events of the Dominion Riverrock Festival. Heading to my truck I could not help but to pull out the wide angle rig and capture the interesting leading lines in the old powerstation next to the Troutman-Sanders building. The space lends itself well for photography and is saturated with incredible textures and perspectives.

Heavy Rotation - Montpelier, VA - April 2011

8-frame panoramic of tornado-warned storm clouds. Intense wall cloud rotation, heavy winds, hail and rain made for some dangerous shooting conditions. But well worth it.

Tornado Warned Storm - Montpelier, VA - April 2011

Intense tornado-warned storm that I tracked and photographed from Richmond to Montpelier, VA on the evening of April 27, 2011. This was an amazing storm that intensified right in front of us, gaining strength while providing us with some incredible photo opportunities. I was able to witness several funnel formations and intense rotational cloud structures. Warnings were being issued all around us as we were shooting.

The Heron Rookery - April 2011

Took a quick trip down to the James River to catch the morning light and the Blue Herons. Last time I went I did not bring my 70-200 f/2.8 which basically made for a wasted trip as I had nothing in my gear bag over 55mm. These birds are amazing to watch and are much bigger than they appear. Their fishing techniques are quite impressive as I was fortunate enough to witness one capture a large shad and swallow it whole without missing a step. Beautiful creatures.

The Approach

Out of the thousands of photographs I shot in 2010 this has to be one of my favorites. This was taken while shooting an assignment for the River City Rafting Co. and River City magazine. My task was to cover a rafting excursion photojournalistically but the editor’s also were hoping for me to capture an image with the skyline in view for a possible cover shot. Conditions were perfect with slightly overcast skies and perfect clouds. Big props to my guide for putting me in the right spot at the right time.


While checking the river levels yesterday I decided to take a walk along the train bridge near the heron rookery to see if I could get a decent shot of the birds. Well, an approaching train halted my efforts so I had to retreat to avoid 2 things - being run over or arrested for trespassing on the bridge. Anyway, the train lent itself to a cool photo opportunity. I love shooting train engines from a low vantage point with my wide angle lens. The amazing cloud cover also made for a dynamic shot. This one’s going on my son’s wall as he absolutely loves trains and anything that has to do with them.