Skyline Cloudcover

While cleaning up my photo archives I came across this wide-angle skyline shot that I had taken back in August of 2009. This was shot while I was being interviewed by NBC12 for my stormchasing photography with my friend, and fellow photographer, Jamie Betts. Yes, its your typical skyline capture but what really makes it dramatic are the insane cloud formations that were developing that day which produced a strong line of thunderstorms. I can’t wait to start chasing again this Spring.

Random Street Shooting

This is the end result of having a few beers with a friend and deciding to pull out the cameras. Having a little fun with the ultra-wide Nikkor 14-24 f/2.8.

My kid rips

Just having some fun practicing my panning technique. Panning is tough but it’s great when you have a fearless son whose willing to be the subject and allow me to fire away.

Location Shoot in Havana

Got the nod from a local ad agency that needed an edgy, textural group shot to help promote their business. Spot on lighting coupled with a fantastic location and a little bit of attitude all came together which allowed me to produce some of my best portrait work to date.

Rhino Chaser

Was having some fun on the longboard so I decided to get creative with the camera. This was hard to do considering the weight of my Nikon, which was mounted to my monopod and extended 2 feet. Holding this while rail grabbing and in motion. I had seen a shot done by a photographer from New Zealand who actually had a Manfrotto Magic Arm mounted to the front of his board, using a trigger to capture the image. It was a spectacular shot which obviously inspired me to attempt one for myself. It’s very scary seeing your expensive rig just inches off of the street. One small rock could have put an end to all this silliness in a split second.

A Checkered Past

Came across this old cab while on a photowalk in Richmond’s Shockoe Bottom. It was as if it was placed on the street on purpose, just asking for it to be photographed. 

Storm Chasing

I stumbled upon the Tornado Alley movie trailer in iTunes today which inspired me to share some of my lightning captures from the last two years. I am fascinated by extreme weather and have made it a goal to chase in the midwest this year during storm season. I want to get as close as possible - under a large supercell and face to face with a monster tornado.

Riverside Drive Photowalk - January 2011

January has me starting off in a creative slump. We (photographers) have all been through this from time to time. I take great pride in finding different things to compose, shoot and process. It’s hard here. Richmond has much to offer yet I feel as if I’ve covered it in it’s entirety. I often look outside the city - the country, the river, the mountains. My son has a fondness for trains and anything that has to do with them. We headed out and ended up walking the tracks adjacent to Riverside Drive, under the old Atlantic Coastal train bridge and enjoyed a few hours of exploration and crisp Winter air. Although simple in orientation, I’ll never grow tired of shooting these tracks for they produce interesting leading lines and texture.

A Sunset in Mathews - December 2010

Ironically, this is my last photo of 2010. While visiting relatives in Mathews, VA, I was able to capture this dramatic sunset. I shoot here whenever we visit and never grow tired of this view. Happy New Year everyone!

Winter Flyby

Here are some shots I took last February. While sledding with my son at a popular sledding haunt. I noticed this kid who was building a snow ramp. Once he was done he grabbed a shopping cart from the adjacent parking lot which sparked my curiosity. It wasn’t until after he grabbed his snowboard that I realized what he was up to. It was moments like these that make me realize how fortunate I was to have the cameras with me.