My Snow Angel

I haven’t been able to do much personal work due to the holiday break and the rush of Christmas, etc. We were fortunate enough to get some snow on Christmas day which allowed me to photograph my kids while they played outside. I love taking their photos although my son has a tendency to clam up when the cameras come out of the bag. My daughter, on the other hand, works it like a seasoned pro. Happy Holidays everyone.

The Night After (The Eclipse)

I was so disappointed with the Lunar Eclipse night before last. I woke at 3am to witness the event but overcast skies made for poor viewing conditions. My 70-200 f/2.8 was not enough lens to get what I needed anyway. Last night’s moon was more dramatic. I was pulling into my parking spot at a local mall and was able to bang out a few shots of this dramatic sky.

Snowfall at Millview - December 2010

I promised the property owner that I would come back to photograph Millview when it snowed. Well, I woke this morning to a beautiful dusting and knew I had to go. Navigating the slick rocks and hillside made it a little more difficult than what I had previously experienced when shooting this location in the dry conditions of Fall. I still can’t get over how gorgeous this place is as I am so used to shooting urban scenes. I promise you that it will take your breath away. Hopefully these photos help you understand.

Night Flying over Richmond

Took to the skies this evening with my good friend who is the Flight Instructor for Henrico County Police. It was quite the scene with the sunset and illuminated buildings downtown. It’s rather difficult shooting from a plane moving at over 110 knots. Kudos to him for a smooth flight. Already looking forward to getting up in the air again.

The Jefferson Hotel

Took my kids to see the gingerbread house at the Jefferson Hotel this evening. They had never been inside this gorgeous building. It’s quite a scene this time of year with the decor and grand tree. Couldn’t help myself and had to set up the tripod and capture a quick wide angle shot. If you are in Richmond, I highly recommend paying a visit - especially this time of the year.

The View from Church Hill

Cloud remnants from last night’s storms were still in the area so I decided to make a quick morning run to Church Hill for a skyline shot. Once I got there the skies cleared not leaving me much to work with. The second shot is an 11-frame, handheld panoramic using my backup D80 + 17-50 f/2.8 wide angle.

Sandbridge Pier REDUX - November 2010

Another iteration of the pier in wide-angle. Considering doing a limited metallic print run of this image.

Sandbridge Pier - November 2010

Went out to Sandbridge Pier for an hour on Saturday morning right after a heavy rain. The overcast skies coupled with textured clouds created an awesome backdrop. Slapped on the CP to intensify the already stark sky.

Morning at Mill View

I got up early to reshoot Mill View in anticipation of the mist that seats itself on the water’s surface. Unfortunately the water temps had cooled so the mist did not make an appearance. Rather than calling it I decided to shoot some black and whites for the property owner. It’s the least I can do considering the access she has granted me to this gorgeous location.

Fall Tones

Muted Fall tones of the riverside. Overcast skies made for a stunning scene at Pony Pasture yesterday.