Riverside Drive Faux Tripan

Another shot from this morning’s photowalk. Even in b/w the yellow leaves pop. Almost has an infrared feel to it. Fall colors are hanging on longer than I expected. 

James River Photowalk - Fall 2010

Spent the morning shooting with my friend, and fellow photographer Henry Stern. The overcast skies complimented the explosive color fusion and made for ideal shooting conditions. Non locals should really visit the James River parks if the opportunity presents itself. Such beautiful areas that are often overshadowed by Richmond’s historical sites.

Mill View

I stumbled upon this place the other day and was floored because it’s within 10 miles of my home and I’d never heard of it before. I’ve scouted all over this city and never have I come across a place so beautiful - yet so well hidden. After making proper introductions with the property owner she was kind enough to grant me unlimited access. After giving me a crash course in the history of the place she cut me loose to do my thing. I’d love to do a seasonal series here and can’t wait to shoot here during a snowfall.


I hate photo explorations where you come back with absolutely nothing. However, it does happen. Took a friend out into the country to attempt a shot at photographing the Milky Way. Unfortunately I didn’t get us far enough from town and away from the light pollution. High ISO settings also made for some poor shots in these conditions. I’ll call it trial and error. Called it a night with an 8-second self-portrait. There will be other times.

Natural Illumination

My dog and I took a quick trip down the road to Echo Lake Park for some lunchtime scouting. I’ve always wanted to shoot here but could never get out when the conditions were favorable. The leaves turned quick this year, early in fact. While wandering the footpaths I came across this section of trees adorned with orange and yellow leaves. It was a beautiful scene and with the sun hitting them just right, the leaves appeared to be glowing against the clear blue sky.

Sunrise at Pony Pasture - October 2010

I shot this while scouting for an early portrait session this morning. The river temperature is still high compared to the outside air temp causing the morning fog to appear steam-like. It was such a surreal scene. If any of you are in the Richmond-area I strongly encourage you to get out and witness this for yourself. It is simply amazing and it will make your jaw drop. 

New bike euphoria

Remember that feeling when you got a new bike? I do. My son had outgrown his bike so we surprised him with a new one after school. It’s a win-win because it also allows me to practice my panning techniques.

Pony Pasture - October 2010

Went location scouting today at one of my favorite spots and was stunned by the awesome display of color. Fall is definitely here by the looks of the trees along the James River. This is a 5-exposure HDR composite.

Poor Farm Singletrack

Great day to be back on the bike. Poor Farm Park provides a fantastic network of single track. I took a friend (who recently bought a new bike) riding today and dusted off the rust. After a few miles I decided to get the cameras and have some wide angle fun. Camera fired using wireless trigger. I can’t wait to go back.

East Cary & 23rd St.

I was just killing time prior to a client shoot. The clouds were exceptional this morning and I found this angle quite interesting through the viewfinder. Combining abstract with architecture often times makes for unique image capture.