Backlight and Blue Skies

Hard to believe, but this gem of a location is surprisingly nestled amongst the outcroppings of subdivisions and schools near my home. I’ve always admired this location from behind the fence but with yesterday’s cloud structure (and light) I knew I had to get a closer look. After introducing myself, the property owners were very kind to allow me access. I was only there for a short time but was able to capture the light breaking through these trees as the sun was dropping. I’d love to go back again and spend more time scouting this gorgeous piece of land.


Fall is in the air so I decided that me and my son would take a hike over to Belle Island  for some photos. The river is at flood stage due to the much needed rain we’ve been given. The foot bridge to the island offers some phenomenal views of the skyline and the James River. I find the lines under the bridge conducive for photos. Looking up will induce a small degree of vertigo while making your way across. Adding a Dutch Tilt amplifies the effect.

Antiqued Swings

Another shot of the swings at the State Fair of Virginia. It’s a great place for people watching but for some reason, the fair has always given me a haunting feeling. The music, the lights and the rides late at night. Reminds me of that movie “Something Wicked This Way Comes”.


Took the family to the State Fair last night. Great place for people watching but dragging the camera gear in those crowds is not so fun. The Midway, however offers up some fantastic photo ops.

Blue Angels

Spent Sunday afternoon with my family at the NAS Oceana Airshow in Virginia Beach. There were so many pros and enthusiasts alike  -  shooting with anything from a kit lens to a 600mm Super Tele. I wished I’d had the 70-200 f/2.8 with me but opted to shoot wide angle instead. I found this shot interesting - the tight formation of the Blue Angels contrasted against that wide open sky. These guys are insanely good.

Tiny Silos

I stopped along the roadside coming back from Ashland to take this photo. I didn’t have my Nikons with me but in overcast situations like today an iPhone and a cool app will suffice. This was taken using the Plastic Bullet app. A little noise and some burnt edges add spice to the image.


Lately I’ve developed a fascination for hanging my cameras out of sunroofs or windows of moving vehicles. Shot while passing through the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel at 70mph. Wished I had set a slower shutter speed for added effect. Perhaps next time.

Sol's Cafeteria

A good friend of mine suggested I come down to Old Manchester to shoot this run down eatery. They had recently removed the old siding which exposed the painted Pepsi-Cola sign. I shot this with a not-so-favorable clear, bright sky.  I decided have a bit of fun with it in post. Trying my best to mimic a “toy camera” effect.

Exploring with Hipstamatic

I love this app! During some downtime (and while scouting) I’ve been trying to shoot only with my iPhone. I usually never leave home without my cameras but I’ve been forcing myself to shoot without the use of my SLRs. The Hipstamatic app is so much fun and its creative potential is without limit. I love the toy camera treatments and the ability to change lenses and film. I highly recommend this app for those of you iPhone shooters.


Went out shooting with a friend this weekend. Once again, found myself messing around on the train tracks. I absolutely love the Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 VRII. Such a phenomenal portrait lens.