Red Barn

I came across this barn while scouting yesterday. I prefer cloud-filled skies for shots like this. Something about the emptiness of the sky, however, contrasted against the red barn was intriguing to me. I like the simplicity of this image and I left it as is - right out of the camera with minimal processing.

Urban Grunge - Fulton Gas Works

This is one I shot earlier in the year. Fulton Gas Works in an abandoned refinery which sits just East of the city. There is so much texture and visual interest at this location. It’s quite eerie to walk the grounds and entering the empty buildings does elicit a sense of dread. I’ve only shot it during the daylight hours but am curious about what it would be like to venture in at night. We’ll see. Sometime.


Couldn’t help snapping this photo of my daughter and our dog. It was a perfect moment. I love the Plastic Bullet app on the iPhone. I’m amazed at the image quality that this phone provides. People ask me all the time about my equipment and it’s interesting to see their reactions when I tell them that the shots in question are often times taken with my iPhone.

Distant Burn

This is one from back in June. I’d been monitoring an approaching storm and arrived at this location a tad bit late. Although I was able to capture this strike the rain and wind soon came and ruined an otherwise great photo opportunity. The low cloud structure was amazing.

Father and Son

My son was thrilled for two reasons. To be able to actually sit on the tracks was a treat. He has loved trains since he could walk and to be able to get as close to the trains as safely possible was such a thrill for him. Secondly, he loves holding my backup camera. I’d love nothing more than for him to have the same passion for photography as I do. To be creative. He loves to shoot. I just set it to Auto and let him fire away. Sometimes his abstract, out-of-focus shots are gems.

Cutting it Close

Spent the afternoon in Ashland with my son. He loves trains and was thrilled at how close we could get to them as they came through town. I would love to be able to shoot a series standing between the tracks as both North and Southbounds trains meet but the chances are highly unlikely. Ashland is a nice little escape from Richmond and I would highly consider moving there.

Silver Diner

Ever since this diner was built back in early 2010 I’ve always wanted to shoot it. But most opportunities didn’t present themselves with ideal conditions. Last night I stopped at the neighborhood 7-11 to pick up some milk for the kids. Strong storms had just passed through the area and the remnants made for a dramatic scene. I grabbed my camera and popped a quick series of 5 handheld, bracketed exposures and was on my way. The only upsetting thing was that F-150 that pulled up right as I was composing the shot.


Roslyn Tree

This is the most amazing tree I have ever seen. It’s enormous and looks so good through the viewfinder. The tree actually rests on the grounds of one of my clients and I have shot it from many different angles and vantage points. For some reason though I prefer framing it tight and focusing on the details rather than showing it in its entirety. The grounds are wide open and often times I find myself siting on that bench just enjoying the stillness of the scene. It’s something to see.

Pony Pasture - James River